Yuichi Tachibana (立花 祐一 Tachibana Yūichi, "Bos

Yuichi Tachibana

立花 祐一




42 (43 in Project D)


165cm (5'5)


72kg (158 lbs)

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Initial D First Stage Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Tomomichi Nishimura (TV series), Tomoyuki Shimura (New Initial D the Movie

English Voice(s)

Michael McConnohie (Tokyopop dub), Chuck Huber (Funimation dub)

Movie Actor

Kenny Bee

s") is the boss of the gas station that Takumi and his friends worked in. An old friend of Bunta's and a racer in his youth, Yuichi acts like a father figure to the Akina Speed Stars.

His Toyota Camry appears in the first episode of the Initial D First Stage while Takumi (assumed to be Bunta by Yuichi) passes Yuichi on a downhill run in Akina.

In Fifth stage, Yuichi is not present. Later, He is here in Final stage.

Profile Edit

  • His secret : he was not a good driver, and he was never fast
  • Like : The young generation of racers
  • Dislike : The SUV fad

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