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Wataru Akiyama

秋山 渉




21 (22 in Project D)


182cm (5.9 ft)


63kg (138 lbs)

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 12

Anime Debut

Initial D Second Stage Episode 7

Japanese Voice

Yasunori Matsumoto

English Voice(s)

Michael Lindsay (Tokyopop dub), Robert McCollum (Funimation dub)

Wataru Akiyama (秋山 渉 Akiyama Wataru, "Aki") was one of the first racers from Saitama to actually race against Takumi with his turbocharged Levin; he appeared later in the Project D arc, this time replacing the turbocharger with a supercharger for more linear acceleration and avoid Turbocharger lag. Wataru is a skilled driver who honed his skills on the treacherous Shomaru Pass. He came to Gunma in hopes of facing new racers to challenge, as well as to watch over his sister Kazumi, who just got a job at a hotel with her aunt. Wataru is Nobuhiko's cousin, as seen when he watches Takumi race against the Northern Saitama Alliance in the hopes of finding a weak spot.

Several times throughout the Fourth Stage, Wataru reaches out to Takumi and gives him advice whenever he is in Akina, notably helping the latter overcome his "four-wheel drive complex."

Wataru later raced against Keisuke Takahashi in a wet-weather race, but when his tires lost grip upon touching a metal gutter while he adjusted his wipers, he was defeated.

Some time later, Wataru confronts the imposter Project D somewhere in Saitama and helps the real Project D expose them as the frauds they are.

Sex Male
Car Toyota Corolla Levin GT APEX (AE86)
Year 1985
Plate 73-212, classification 56

High Tech Two Tone

Custom Parts (2nd Stage) TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, Toyota OEM Door Visor, HKS Single Turbo and Boost Meter, SSR Dori Dori Mesh wheels, Nardi Classic Steering Wheel, TRD Sports Seat, and a 6-point roll bar
Custom Parts (4th Stage) TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, 6-Point Roll Bar, TRD Carbon Fiber Hood, Intercooler Grille, Toyota OEMN Door Visor, AE92 4A-GZE engine swap (stock supercharged 4A-GE), TRD N2 Aero Kit, Wataru-Made Mesh Rims (black) (early Arcade Stage games), Wataru-Made Gravel Rally Rims (white) (anime and late Arcade Stage games), and ItalVolanti Admiral Red Trim Steering Wheel (seen while turning on the Wipers against the FD)


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