I expected this wiki to be a very big one, but that didn't make out to be true. Here's the little plague of this wiki:

Instead of fully detailed pages, mostly on characters, many of them are too short, and have no biography. What's worse is that many pictures are out of place. Some of the photos are (So-called) related, but not from Initial D manga, anime, or games. I recommend you not to add any images outside of the series' media, like Forza and etc. , except Easter Eggs in other media like School Rumble, which has AE86 similar to Takumi's appeared in the first episode. Though, real life pictures still can be a good thing to add for cars and locations.

I did some little or major changes on some pages recently. Nope, I cannot really fix them all due to busy time, so I need some help from other Wiki contributors too.

That's all what I can give. Thank you.

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