The Todo School could not live with their team being completely annihilated by outsiders, so they invited Tomoyuki Tachi (舘 智幸 Tachi Tomoyuki, "Touch"), a graduate of the school who is now a professional racer, to have a rematch against Project D on Happogahara, which is a course that consists of both downhill and hill climb sections. Tomoyuki took Daiki's EK9 and beat Takumi's downhill record in one try, without pushing the car to the limit. Tomoyuki agreed to use the school's top car, the Spoon-tuned demonstration EK9, at Happogahara.

It is highly speculated that his professional racing outfit seems to be based on the racing outfit that Keiichi Tsuchiya wears during his racing days and his appearances in Best Motoring. The Green Racing suit, Green Kei Office (now K1Planning) gloves and the red Ard Asic racing shoes are evidence to this speculation. It appears that Tomoyuki was in the CD Initial D Drama which included Keiichi. Tomoyuki tuned the Civic the best he could to be able to compete with the FD on the straights, but surprisingly, Ryosuke decided to send out the Eight-Six. He lost the race to Takumi when he steered off the center of the road to avoid hitting a cat that crossed the street near the finish line. Because of this dodging he creates enough space for Takumi to pass him in his Eight-Six. Afterwards Takumi asks Tomoyuki why he suddenly created space for Takumi to pass. Tachi responded that he saw a cat jump across the road and because of his racing reflexes immediately dodged it. Takumi's headlights were turned off as part of his technique.

Age 25
Sex Male
Car Todo School Spoon Civic Type R Demo Car (EK9)
Year 1998
Plate 10-547, classification 57
Color Sunlight Yellow
Engine Spoon 1.8L 16v B16B 260 PS Complete Engine
Custom Parts Spoon SW388 Rims, Momo Steering Wheel w/Spoon Horn Button, Spoon Exhaust, Spoon Mirrors, Spoon Carbon Fiber Hood, Spoon Front Bumper, Bucket Racing Seats, Spoon 11,000 RPM Gauge Cluster, Spoon Damper Kit, Spoon Brakes, and Advan Sticker
Japanese voice actor Kazuhiro Nakata (Fourth Stage), Daichi Endo (Final Stage)
English voice actor Jeff Johnson


  • He attended the Todo School with Emperor member Kyoichi Sudo
    • Despite both Tomoyuki and Kyoichi attending the Todo School together, Kyoichi either never used Spoon Sports parts on his car or never drove a Honda while at school
  • He always scratches his nose for unknown reasons


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