Speedy Speed Boy is a song recorded by Italian musician Maurizio De Jorio under the alias Max Coveri. It is a well-known song in the Initial D community, so well-known that it is featured in the Butt Racing fad. The song itself plays during the first plot-twisting race in the series: Takumi Fujiwara vs. Kyoichi Sudo, where Takumi suffered his first loss after his AE86's engine blew with Kyoichi's Evo III leaving the damaged 86 in the dust.

It is also featured in Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 and Street Stage as the default theme for Myogi Circuit.

Internet cultureEdit

This song would appear on the Butt Racing fad on YTMND.

Lyrics Edit

Running with my car

Running in my dreams every night

Born to overtake

Born to race and overdrive


Engine's over the red degrees

And my

Heart beats as much as can't breathe

But I

Don't want claim any stop

They wanna say I'm quitting

Speedy speed boy - gasoline's burning in

Speedy speed boy- as fast as I can be

Speedy speed boy - every night and day

Squealing off the tyres,

skidding to the left and right


My step on the brakes, rear vision,

mirror to spy spy

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