Running in the 90's Vinyl record cover

Running in the 90's is a song recorded by Italian musician Maurizio De Jorio under the alias Max Coveri

. It is a well-known song in the Initial D community, so well-known that it is featured in the LOL, Internet fad. The song itself plays during the very first race of the series: Takumi Fujiwara vs. Keisuke Takahashi.

Lyrics Edit

Modern talking

Modern walking in the streets

New desire

Take me higher

Life me higher with your speed

I need fire

Get the satellite if you want to see me

Talking on the net I know the way you like it

Get your credit card cos I need no money

All I wanna get is you baby

Running in the nineties

Is a new way I like to be

I'm just running in the nineties

Come on baby run to me

We are running in the nineties

Is a new way to set me free

I'm just running in the nineties

Yes I wanna know, yes I wanna see

Cyber talking

Cybersex is on the line

New desire

Take me higher

Boost me higher with your mind

Set me on fire

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