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"Things are getting a bit too flashy..."

Rin Hojo (北条 凛, Hōjō Rin), known as "Shinigami", is Go Hojo's elder brother and a legendary driver of Kanagawa. Rin has had a long-standing feud with Ryosuke because of a girl named Kaori, who was Rin's arranged fiance at the time. Kaori would commit suicide after Rin verbally abuses her, claiming that she'll regret rejecting him when she and her family will be ruined. After this event, Rin left the racing scene and became a recluse, locking himself in his home for years, before making a surprising return and racing (unofficially) against Team Spiral's leader, Ikeda. Rin is an extremely skilled driver who utilizes a dangerous driving style.

He races against Ryosuke in an attempt to make him pay for a past incident involving Kaori, at time trying to push him off the road. This severely backfires as Ryosuke manages to shake off Rin's attacks and, therefore, destroys his tires and brakes. To prevent him from crashing at the base, Ryosuke and Ikeda (who had been spectating from behind) use their cars to buffer Rin's R32 and slowed it down. Fortunately, the whole race managed to bring closure of Kaori's death to Rin: he knew Ryosuke felt his pain.

Before the race between Sidewinder and Project D, Rin meets his younger brother Go Hojo and gives him some "advices", about having fun in his battle. After it, he is seen with Ikeda during the race.

He seemingly becomes a honorary member of Sidewinder after his battle with Ryosuke Takahashi, as he is seen in the Team Sidewinder commercial bumper and is on the Sidewinder RivalSide storyline in Initial D: Arcade Stage 8.

Age 26
Sex Male
Car Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (BNR32)
Year 1994
Plate 37-564, classification 33
Colour Gun Gray Metallic
Custom Parts NISMO front bumper, GT wing, roll cage, Large Radius Racing Muffler, 650 HP RB26DETT, OEM GT-R R33 wheels (front only in manga and arcade, both front and rear in anime), Work Meister S1 rear wheels (manga and arcade only)
Japanese voice actor Yuichi Nakamura


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