Nissan 180SX

Nissan 180SX was a hatchback coupe (though Nissan marketed it as a fastback in most of its markets) based on the S13 chassis from the Nissan S platform, and sold in Japan; and in some other countries under the 200SX name, with the US selling it under the 240SX name.



  • Engine Name: SR20DET (the 240SX models use a KA24DE)
  • Engine: DOHC I4
  • Max power: 205 hp / 6000 rev / min
  • Maximum torque: 28.0 kgm / 4000 rev / min
  • Displacement: 1998 cc
  • Drivetrain: FR
  • Aspiration: Turbo (the 240SX models are NA)
  • Length: 4540 mm
  • Height: 1290 mm
  • Width: 1690 mm
  • Weight: 1220 kg
  • Transmission: 5MT (5-speed manual gearbox)

Weakness Edit

The 180SX has a relatively unstable body (due to poor rigidity in the C-pillars) which makes it quite difficult to drive smoothly and makes it prone to sudden oversteer while accelerating through corners. This also applies to the Sileighty, as it retains the hatchback rear end.

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