Mika in anime

Mika Uehara (上原 美佳 Uehara Mika) is Takumi's love interest during the latter part of the Project D story arc. When the Fake Takumi blows off her best friend Tomoko, she gets angry and decides to confront Takumi about it (not knowing it wasn't the real Takumi that did it). She takes the train out to Yuichi's gas station and asks to see Takumi; when he arrives, she slaps him hard in the face. Bewildered to why she did this, Mika tells her story to Takumi and his friends. They in turn ask Mika to send a photo of Takumi via cell phone to her friend to confirm if the real Takumi was the guy that blew her off. She comes to find out from her friend that the real Takumi had nothing to do with it. Later, Takumi drives out to Saitama (where she lives) to see her. She apologizes for her previous actions and they talk for several hours.

Age 18
Sex Female
Japanese voice actor Saori Hayami

After exposing the imposters, the Fake Takumi apologizes to Mika's friend. Mika thanks Takumi and they continue to see each other as the story progresses.

Mika is a senior in high school and is exceptionally talented at playing golf. Her father has raised her to play golf early in life the same way that Bunta raised Takumi to drive early in his life.


Takumi Fujiwara met Mika at Yuichi's gas station, who ended up slapping him mistaking Takumi as the imposter Takumi. Mika later taught Takumi how to play golf.

Tomoko is Mika's best friend, who mistook the fake Takumi as the real one, which led to Mika slapping the real Takumi.


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