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Age 20/21
Sex Female
Car Nissan Sileighty
Year 1996 (Manga), 1998 (Anime)
Plate 78-547, classification 57
Color Impact Blue
Engine Upgrade Nissan S15 Turbocharger (with 208 hp)
Custom Parts Nismo Aero grille, BBS RM wheels, Nissan S13 exhaust, Recaro racing seats (Anime)
Japanese voice actor Michiko Neya
English voice actor Kate Higgins (Tokyopop dub), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Funimation dub)

Mako Sato (佐藤 真子 Satō Mako, "Maya") is the driver of the Usui combination, a combination similar to that found in the WRC. Mako is interested in Iketani of the Akina Speed Stars. She originally got close to him in order to race Takumi's Eight-Six in Usui, offering her virginity in exchange. But she and Iketani had true feelings to each other later on. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding kept them apart.

Driving a blue Nissan Sileighty, she is the fastest in Usui.


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