Move (styled as M.O.V.E or m.o.v.e, and previously as move) was a Japanese electronic band. The group consisted of yuri (Yuri Masuda (益田 祐里 Masuda Yuri)) on vocals and motsu (Mototaka Segawa (瀬川 素公 Segawa Mototaka?)) performing the rapping. t-kimura (Takashi Kimura (木村 貴志 Kimura Takashi?)) (producer) left the band in 2008.

The band, in animated form, appeared in their Raimei (Out of Kontrol) music video, while the real band performed many Initial D opening and ending songs. Band also made a brief cameo in Initial D anime.


  • Around the World
  • Rage Your Dream
  • Blazin' Beat
  • Gamble Rumble
  • Dogfight
  • Blast My Desire
  • Noisy Tribe
  • Nobody Reason
  • Raise Up
  • Outsoar the Rainbow
  • Raimei (Out of Kontrol)
  • Dive into Stream
  • Blazability
  • The Double Ace
  • Cross the X

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