Left foot braking

Left-Foot Braking (左足ブレーキ) is the technique of using the left foot to operate the brake pedal in an automobile, leaving the right foot dedicated to the throttle. It is a quite difficult technique as the left foot is normally used for the clutch pedal.

Takumi uses an advanced technique to shift the weight just with foot brake.


In "The FR Killer", Yuichi mentioned about FF drifting and said:

Anime version: Edit


an EG-6

"You usually don't use this technique with an FR... but you brake with the left foot to stabilize the car at an extremely high speed. With an FF like an need your right foot on the gas pedal continuously to avoid understeering so you brake with your left foot to take the weight off the rear tire and turn sharper..."

Manga version:Edit

"You don't use that technique often with an FR. You depress the left-foot brake to edge of control. Since FFs under-steer when you accelerate. It's an advanced technique where you lighten the load off the rear by braking with your left foot while keeping the accelerator pressed with your right foot so line doesn't change."