Kenta Nakamura (中村 賢太 Nakamura Kenta) is one of the youngest members of the Akagi RedSuns and the third best driver of the team, Kenta absolutely adores Keisuke Takahashi and is always eager to prove himself to Keisuke. Kenta was recognized by Keisuke himself for his driving skills, and has been somewhat taken under Keisuke's wing. Kenta specializes in rain conditions, because he had a habit of practicing in the rain since the wet roads wouldn't wear his tires down as much.

In the First Stage, he arrogantly challenged Takumi to a wet race and lost. This was the time when Takumi used Itsuki as ballast, simulating a load of tofu. (Note that Takumi delivers tofu everyday, even if it rains.)

In Fourth Stage, he drives the #2 van for Project D and mostly does the recon recording of courses before the team actually travels to the locations, but it's unknown if he uses his S14 for it.

Gender Male
Car Nissan Silvia Q's Aero (S14)
Year 1995 (1st Stage), 1997 (2nd Stage onwards)
Color Super Clear Red
Custom Parts Rear Windshield "Silvia" Banner, Primax 333 wheels, Nissan S14 Exhaust, rally tuned drivetrain, RedSuns Sticker (until 4th Stage)


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