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19 (20 in Fourth Stage)


164cm (5' 4.8")

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 12

Anime Debut

Second Stage Episode 7

Japanese Voice

Ryoka Yuzuki

English Voice(s)

Cherami Leigh(Funimation dub)

English voice actor Melissa Fahn (Tokyopop dub), Cherami Leigh (Funimation dub)

Kazumi Akiyama (秋山 和美 Akiyama Kazumi, "Carrie") is Wataru's younger sister. She was Itsuki's second love interest after Saori "left" him. She is an impatient girl that came to Gunma from Saitama to work in her aunt's inn, but left due to being framed by a senior worker (in 2nd Stage). Kazumi appeared in 4th Stage in Saitama with Wataru against the race with Project D, then after started spending some time with Itsuki and she reveals she broke up with a working adult man then after she patched up with him again (after he begged for her forgiveness), leaving Itsuki heartbroken.


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