Super Eurobeat Presents: Initial D ~D Selection~ is the first Initial D album. It was released 29 of June 1998 and published by Avex Trax.

Tracklist Edit

Titles Artists Length
1. Space Boy Dave Rodgers 5:00
2. No One Sleep in Tokyo Edo Boys 5:05
3. Be My Babe Jilly 4:49
4. Remember Me Leslie Parrish 4:46
5. Spark in the Dark Man Power 4:43
6. Don't Stop the Music Lou Grant 4:51
7. Dance Around the World Delta Queens 5:01
8. Get Me Power Mega NRG Man 4:48
9. Running In the 90's Max Coveri 4:47
10. Heartbeat Nathalie 5:04
11. Break the Night Tommy K 4:54
12. Back on the Rocks Mega NRG Man 4:51
13. Save Me Leslie Parrish 4:36
14. My Only Star Susan Bell 4:48
15. Around the World (Dave Rodgers Remix) M.o.v.e 4:37

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