Initial D Vocal Battle Special feat. Takahashi Bros. Red Suns is the twentfirst Initial D album. It was released 28th of March 2001 and published by Avex Trax.

Tracklist Edit

Titles Artist Length
1. It's So Free Ryosuke & Keisuke Takahashi 4:12
2. Blowing in the Wind Unrestrained Ryosuke Takahashi 5:10
3. Take My Heart Away Keisuke Takahashi 5:21
4. Getting Dream Ryosuke & Keisuke Takahashi 4:14
5. Black Out Ryosuke Takahashi 4:24
6. Don't Stop the Music Keisuke Takahashi 4:02
7. Suggestion (Red Suns Mix) Ryosuke & Keisuke Takahashi 4:17
8. Rose Miracle Ryosuke & Keisuke Takahashi 3:59
9. To the Distant Sky Keisuke Takahashi 4:09
10. This Road Ryosuke Takahashi 5:54

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