Initial D Vocal Battle is the seventh Initial D album. It was released 25th of March 1999 and published by Avex Trax.

Tracklist Edit

Titles Artist Length
1. Space Boy ~ No One Sleep in Tokyo (Takumix) Dave Rodgers

Edo Boys

Takumi Fujiwara

2. Don't Stop the Music Keisuke Takahashi 4:02
3. Back on The Rocks Takeshi Nakazato 4:25
4. Night Fever Itsuki Takeuchi 4:17
5. Don't Stand so Close Shingo Shoji 4:06
6. Maybe Tonite Mako & Sayuki 4:34
7. Black Out Ryosuke Takahashi 4:23
8. Kiseki No Hana The Takahashi Brothers 3:59
9. Rage Your Dream (Lover's Mix) Koichiro Iketani &

Mako Satou

10. Around the World (Dave Rodgers Mix) Takumi Fujiwara &

Natsuki Mogi

11. ...And...Secret Track Natsuki Mogi 5:00

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