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Initial D 3rd Stage The Movie Original Sound Tracks is the Nineteenth Initial D album. It was released 7th of February 2001 and published by Avex Trax.

Tracklist Edit

Titles Artists Length
1. Gamble Rumble (Movie Size) M.o.v.e 2:03
2. Houkago Ryuichi Katsumata 3:14
3. Fly to Me to the Moon & Back (Movie Size) The Spiders from Mars 2:35
4. Ryosuke no Sasoi Ryuichi Katsumata 1:37
5. Tekichi e! Ryuichi Katsumata 2:30
6. Speed Lover (Movie Size) Speedman 3:25
7. Kyouichi's Theme Ryuichi Katsumata 2:41
8. Omoide Ryuichi Katsumata 1:26
9. Chousen! Ryuichi Katsumata 1:45
10. Kessenmae! Ryuichi Katsumata 2:11
11. Kiss Me Goodbye (Movie Size) Michael Beat 2:59
12. Crazy for Love (Movie Size) Dusty 2:12
13. If You Wanna Stay (Movie Size) Norma Sheffield 1:28
14. Takumi Shouri! Ryuichi Katsumata 4:08
15. Natsuki no Ketsui Ryuichi Katsumata 1:56
16. Yasuragi Ryuichi Katsumata 1:53
17. Christmas Party Ryuichi Katsumata 1:33
18. Shinshiinen Ryuichi Katsumata 1:03
19. Miki no Shoutai Ryuichi Katsumata 1:35
20. Natsuki no Kiki Ryuichi Katsumata 1:28
21. Strike On (Movie Size) M.o.v.e 2:12
22. Max Power (Movie Size) Dr. Love feat D. Essex 2:20
23. Kokuhaku Ryuichi Katsumata 1:27
24. Street of Fire (Movie Size) Dave McLoud 2:37
25. Sotsugyou Ryuichi Katsumata 1:44
26. Tabidachi Ryuichi Katsumata 3:18
27. Jirenma (Movie Size) Every Little Thing 1:57
28. The Race Is Over Dave Rodgers 3:46
29. Kiss Me Goodbye Michael Beat 4:43
30. Crazy Night (Movie Size) Boys Band 2:04

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