Initial D 2nd Stage D Non-Stop Selection is the fifteenth Initial D album. It was released 9th of February 2000 and published by Avex Trax.

Tracklist Edit

Titles Artists Length
1. Speedy Speed Boy Marko Polo 3:46
2. Mikado Dave McLoud 2:58
3. Station to Station Derreck Simons 2:43
4. Big in Japan Robert Patton 2:04
5. Don't You (Forget About My Love) Sophie 3:24
6. I Love You Like You Are Valentina 2:43
7. Take My Soul Mickey B. 3:01
8. Ever and Ever Queen of Times 2:56
9. Make Up Your Mind Wain L 3:15
10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Wain L 2:37
11. Burning Desire Mega NRG Man 4:40
12. 100 Dave Rodgers 2:54
13. Make My Day Derreck Simons 2:55
14. Gimme the Night Dave McLoud 2:53
15. Deja Vu Dave Rodgers 2:44
16. Grand Prix Mega NRG Man 3:39
17. D Vocal Battle Special Mega-Mix 11:35

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