Go Hojo

Go Hojo (北条 豪 Hōjō Gō) is the Chief Driver of Sidewinder. He seems to know Ryosuke Takahashi quite well, however he does not have any past connections or quarrels with Ryosuke. Instead, he knows him through his elder brother, Rin. He had a past quarrel (or connection) with Ryosuke alluding to a girl named Kaori. Hojo helps the Chief Mechanic of Sidewinder named Eiji Kubo to evaluate Project D's weaknesses. Before the race, his older brother appears, and says Go to have fun in his battle. Eiji told him to use their plan successfully for the first round. However, Hojo didn't use the plan as he should, so they ended up doing a second battle. What's worse was that Keisuke kept on speeding his ride to lose sight of him. In the end, Hojo lost the race after he spun out while engaging himself to keep up his ride against Keisuke, main reason is that he wore out his rear tires. Go was nicknamed "Tsuyoshi" by Kubo.

Age Mid-20s
Sex Male
Car Honda NSX (NA1)
Plate 40-298, classification 39
Year 1994
Color Formula Red
Custom Parts Equippped with full ADVANCE Flatout GT Parts,ADVANCE Titanium exhaust muffler, BBS LM wheels (gold), 1999 NSX Type-S ABS and drive-by-wire system, Sabelt racing harnesses
Japanese voice actor Hidenobu Kiuchi


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