Gamble Rumble is song by M.o.v.e. It is the opening theme for the Initial D: Third Stage movie, and the Special Stage, Arcade Stage Ver. 2 and Arcade Stage Ver. 3 video games. It is also used as the ending theme for the Initial D: Final Stage Episode 1 to 3.


(Bring it back, hey Rock n' Roll!!)

Life went on as you were still in satisfaction

(Life goes on manzokushiteta sukoshi no kibou dake de)

With just a small amount of hope

(Mattereba dareka ga mirai kimite kureteita)

(Just got to get you back and bring it back on)

Notice how small we really are? Bust it up!

(Nante chiisai jibun nan darou? Bust it up!)

(Here we go, 1, 2) Move it up and break it!

Let's all run into the dream without further delay!

(Ima sugu yume made hashirou!)

(Bring back yo, it's the right time, hey boy, rock n' roll)

Gamble, you gotta change to make a rumble!

(Gamble, you gotta change to make a rumble!)

At the last moment on stage. (Oh yeah!)

(Girigiri no suteeji (Oh yeah!))

Gamble, you gotta dive into a scramble!

Without even losing your way for one millimeter (Check it out come on!)

(Ichimiri mo mayowazu (Check it out come on!))

In truth, there isn't much that you're required  to protect

(Mamoru beki mono nante jitsu wa sonna ni nai)

(Give it up yo! Give it up yo!)

So just pretend a little and place your bet to play the game!

(Sukoshi dake tsuyogatte kakemashou zenbu play the game!)