Dr.​ Toshiya Joshima (城島 俊也 Jōshima Toshiya) is a character that appears in the manga and anime Initial D. He is also known as "God Hand" due to his ability to control the car's rate with very delicate steering and throttle inputs all while using only one hand to steer. He is the downhill half of the two-man team Purple Shadow , along with Kozo Hoshino .


He is a middle-aged man of about 40 that wears horn-rimmed spectacles.


He is a very capable physician who is calm and appears intelligent, and takes pleasure in winning races by handicapping himself. He has glasses on similar to what a scientist has because he is a doctor.

Racing StyleEdit

He has a intellectual style similar to Ryosuke Takahashi . He derives personal satisfaction by pulling his punches. He can execute gutter jumps and can confuse his chaser by manipulating his vector. Some of his team consider his methods very cruel, especially given the irony that he is a doctor.


During Takumi's battle with Joshima, Takumi felt as if he were being chased by Bunta in the Impreza. Initially Joshima toyed with Takumi, hiding his true ability, trying to instill confusion and self-doubt, confident he could dominate the battle. After Joshima finally sprang his tactical trap, Takumi recovered and retook the lead. The astonished Joshima eventually had to abandon his game, and used his ultimate time attack line to pull away. Takumi broke his suspension trying desperately to catch up, and was reduced to limping down the mountain. This would have been a loss for Takumi, except that Joshima's fatigue from multiple rounds of downhill got to him and forced him to make a vomit stop. The crippled Trueno hobbled past to a technical victory. After the race, Joshima admits that Takumi's comeback put him under so much pressure that he was forced to put his left hand back on the steering wheel, something that hadn't ever happened to him. However, Takumi did not feel that his victory was justified. Afterwards, Takumi requests a favor from Joshima, asking him to ride in his S2000 as he drives down the mountain again so that Takumi could watch God Arm's technique firsthand and hopefully improve upon his own techniques in which Joshima agreed before giving his final advice to Takumi.


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