Daiki 4th

Daiki Ninomiya (二宮 大輝 Ninomiya Daiki, known as Dice in the Tokyopop version) is the ace and current student of Todo School and is one of the better drivers of the series. Driving a yellow Civic Type R (EK9), Daiki races against Takumi of Project D in a downhill battle. He excels in braking, being able to release the brake pedal in the perfect spot during a corner, every time. Daiki is also one of the school's all time three best downhill drivers. He is also good friends with Smiley Sakai and Tomoyuki Tachi.

Car Honda Civic Type R (EK9)
Year 1998
Plate 56-838, classification 50
Colour Sunlight Yellow
Custom Parts Spoon grille, Spoon wing, EuroR muffler, Spoon mirrors, Volk TE37 Super Lap Black Edition wheels

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