Blind Attack in action.

The Blind Attack is a technique by Takumi which he shuts his headlights when close to an opponent, which blinds him for a short time, hence the name.

However, there is one advantage to the car, which is reduced aerodynamic drag, since pop-up headlights reduced the car's airflow by a small number, creating drag, which could slow him down in the long run. By turning the headlights off, the car's airflow is smoother, creating less aerodynamic drag.

Takumi first used the blind attack against Tomoyuki Tachi of the Todo School. He used the same technique again during the battle at Ibaraki, God Hand of Purple Shadow, Toshiya Joushima. He would later use this against Satoshi Omiya of Team 246 and later Shinji Inui of Sidewinder.

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