"Blazin' Beat" is a song made by M.O.V.E , This was use on Initial D Second Stage.

Lyrics (English)Edit

Remember? Let's look for the CD that we use to listening to.

For we've been nervous with each other sometime now.

(Yeah Yeah) Speed awakens the melody of the forgotten past.

Like a conscious guilt that shakes the earth , "Blazin Beat" !

Shower me with a strong love that hurts , (Let's Go) "Blazin Beat"!

Embrace the echo in the crying wind , Naked Mind(Naked Mind) and Desire(Desire)

Wanting is not a crime , Leave your worries(Naked Mind) behind and trust me. (Wawa)

Blazin' Beat! Let's Go wild and throw away our inhibitions.

Break loose impulsively , Its the weekend , everybody gather around.

M.O.V.E , Move.

Lets look for explosive Thrills!


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